Terminals Minneapolis - St Paul Airport

There are two terminals at Minneapolis St Paul airport (MSP): Terminal 1-Lindbergh and Terminal 2-Humphrey. Passengers may know that both terminals are accessible for independent roadways, please, be aware which road do you take to arrive.


Terminal 1 - Lindbergh

Terminal 1 at MSP Airport has 7 Concourses: A, B, C, D, E, F and G.

- Concourse A: It has gates from A1 to A14.

- Concourse B: It has gates from B1 to B16.

- Concourse C: It has gates from C1 to C27.

- Concourse D: It has gates from D1 to D6.

- Concourse E: It has gates from E1 to E16.

- Concourse F: It has gates from F1 to F16.

- Concourse G: It has gates from G1 to G22.


The terminal building has three different levels: Level 1, Level 2 and Level T (Ground Transport & Parking) with all the methods of transportation available at both terminals.


There are two Delta Air Lines Sky Clubs, one in Concourse C and another one between Concourse F and G.


The terminal connects with the Light Rail Transit Station and trains run to Minneapolis or to Terminal 2-Humphrey, Bloomington and Mall of America. There is a Transit with Metro and Charter Buses.

To get more information, visit the transportation online page


The terminal connects with the following ramps: Red, Gold, Blue and Red.



The airlines that operate at Terminal 1 of Minnesota airport are: Air Canada, American, Continental, Delta, Frontier, United and US Airways.



Terminal 2 - Humphrey

Terminal 2 has one Concourse (H) with 10 gates: from H1 to H10.


The terminal building has two levels: 1 and 2.

- In Level 1 there is the Ground Transportation (among them, the shuttle to go to Terminal 1-Lindbergh).

- Level 2 has direct connection with two Skyways that connect with the Orange and Purple Parking.


Next to the Orange parking there is a Rail Trail Transit Station and trains run to Bloomington and Mall of America or, on the other side, links with Terminal 1-Lindbergh and Minneapolis.



The airlines that operate at Terminal 2 are Icelandair, AirTran Airways, Southwest and Sun Country.