Services Minneapolis Airport

Passengers at Minneapolis Airport can enjoy their stay at the facilities with different services and facilities. Along the terminals there are shops, restaurants and cafés with different products as accessories, books and magazines, gifts, clothes, and different gastronomic products to take a bite while waiting for their flight.


Besides these services, Minneapolis Airport also offers:


- Lockers

- Postal Service and Package Service

- U.S. Bank (Phone: 612.727.1725)

- ATMs

- Wi-Fi (for free during two hours)

- Charging Stations

- Seating areas

- Children's Play Area

- Lactation Centers and Nursing Mothers Room

- A special program for passengers with Autism

- Pet Relief Areas


Group and Business services for meetings and conferences

- Conference Center: Phone: 612.794.4500 Email:

- Travelex: Phone: 612.726.5184


An All Free Stop for passengers that are members of the U.S. Armed Forces, National Guard, Reservists, Medal of Honor recipients, Purple Heart recipients and their familiars or relatives (Phone: 612.726.9155 / E-mail:


Assistance to all passengers that request the service (Phone: 612.726.5500)